1 )
Collaboration : Coordinate Typography Assisting Graphic Designer Philip Baber to layout and execute the 'Atlas Solitude', published on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the 'Akademie Schloss Solitude' in Stuttgart. Complex typography, large content, and tight schedule were tackled in a focused workshop environment at place, a sharp workflow and customized code. Bound in an embossed linen hardcover, the book of 282 pages combines letters, essays, poems, illustrations and photos of over a hundred former academy-fellowship holders.
2 )
Script : From Lines to Logo A study for a befriended destillery, executed with a custom code to examine an illustration's different level of abstractions, concerning various materials and reproduction techniques.
3 )
Books : Project.Egalbar Interviews A collaborative book-design with Nils Emde and Elena Getzieh, based on Interviews concerning a bar called 'Egal', situated in Hamburg until 2012. Soon you'll find more as text and image
4 )
Poster : Project.Egalbar Interviews A collaborative poster-design with Nils Emde and Elena Getzieh, based on Interviews concerning a bar called 'Egal', situated in Hamburg until 2012.
5 )
Article : A detailed Excersise concerning the Part and the Whole. A
, drawn for contiuous text application in particularly small sizes. Visit www.hamburgfonts.de to test particular combinations of letters you're interested in.
6 )
Screening : I'll Write On Your Wall. «Nino Kvrivishvili's and Michael Beck's project is based on the idea of the incidentally found as narrative pattern. Both their artistic production is marked by the occupation with semiotics and the question of origin. Kvrivishvili and Beck collaborated on an ephemeral installation to embody the time related interaction of signs and identity. Trying to perceive this as a process in time and interpreting it as works in space, all pieces shown, have a symbolic link with the background of their stay in the 'Ateliergemeinschaft Achterhaus' which formerly hosted a wallpaper factory.»
7 )
Hamburgfonts : Online and for sale. A
, designed, programmed and continously upgraded for a group of type-designers, based in Hamburg. www.hamburgfonts.de
8 )
Sweets : ... for the sweet, stickers for the honey! Handcrafted
, for an organic product.
9 )
Transport : High Voltage, low Pong. A
, documenting the installation of a charging-mast for electro-busses, introduced by Hamburg traffic network 'HVV', the befriended studio 'Gahlow Design' was involved in.
10 )
Manual : On the transmutation of Matter. Within the limited edition of a hundred pieces, this
documents every component of the machine depicted in . Based on the permutation of its sixty pages this paper-object transforms the mechanisms general design principles from one matter to another and hence generates an inventory of signs.
11 )
Politics : Vote! A
folded to A5 promotes the party platform and the candidates of some local socialdemocrats association.
12 )
Fahrenheit : Elementary Matter. A coverdesign for Ray Bradbury's dystopian novel, 'Fahrenheit 451', was reproduced in an edition of 100 pieces.
13 )
Super Schuim : A paper diagram. The format, the altering paper-qualities, the volume, the cover and the content of this handstiched
, transfer the different aspects of some daily-life consumable item into 92 pages of different paper.
14 )
Invite : Mark your calendar. A
, announcing the «Stilvorlagen» Lecture-Series at the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences.
15 )
Pop : The selfreferential medium. A series of three
, hand-drawn on neon paper in an edition of five each, combines the vocal lines of the british act «Eric Burdon and The Animals» with different popular brush-scripts in a typographic way.
16 )
Structure : Unfolding the intangible. A
spatial study
on the geometry of thoughts.
17 )
Machine : Simulating the simulation. A sculpture to reverse the technologically induced disembodiment. The handdriven
allows to cut simple shapes of clay. As such it facilitates to reproduce digital models of spatial objects as solid compound structures of higher complexity. The apparatus' design principle is based, both on the recycling and rearrangement of mechanical devices and components.
18 )
Mould : A
of craft.
The process of creation, appears in a self-contained form. It can be found in the parts, used to cast .
19 )
Tape : Unrolling Signs. A
that includes twentysix capital letters.
20 )
Process : Virtually tangible. Fumbling, pushing, pugging, grabbing — the mechanism of in
performative use
21 )
Product : A fragmented
of reality.
A mug, manually reproduced with the machine depicted in .
22 )
Raphael : A scripted
23 )
Leafs, Branches, Trees : Curative Plants in the urban context. A
series of photos
, produced in collaboration with Stefan Tuschy for the periodical 'Heimatdesign'.
24 )
A Traveler's Ventures : Mobile Devised. Stamp and portable embossing-machine are giving the base for this simple
Corporate Design
. It enables the client to produce a small but flexible number of business papers on demand during his trips.
25 )
Remake : Neat and clean. Digitally revised script-
, based on a bichrome silk-screened poster ( 2 / 2 ) initially designed for a double feature.
26 )
Invite : Sit down and listen up! A
, announcing a lecture of Leonardo Sonnoli — an event within the «Stilvorlagen» Lecture-Series at the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences.
27 )
Bookshelf : A palpable container of Hyperlinks. An
image sequence
documents the inner coherence of a book collection.
28 )
Basilica : A Type-Design to combine the characteristics of a stave pen with the features of a Blackletter.
29 )
Like Russian Dolls, Part 1, «Complex» : Image by image. The first of two contributions within «The Object Lag» — a collaborative art-project, curated by Emily L. Williams — at «The Nieuwe Vide» in Haarlem.
Each place we experience, is caused by a sequence of incidents — structured by objects within a grammar of things: Not the single item with its explicit function but its time-based interaction with others and its position amongst, induce meaning to our physical environment. In this context, the modern object — better the computer device of any form — with its increasing ability to interact anytime with anything just anywhere, becomes fundamental to deconstruct space.
«Complex» is an attempt to reveal these observations in an interactive diagram of written language. To achieve that, in this first part, all changes happened within one particular corner of the gallery-space, became documented in an image-sequence during the entire 10-month-project.
30 )
Like Russian Dolls, «Complex», Part 2 and 3 : A vortical Fold. The first part of this project you find depicted in . Within this second and third part, each single image of those archived, got transcribed in one simple, written sentence. The Tangible and Graphical User Interface of a computer, became the physical representation of the universal item mentioned. They both served to visualize the written observations, based on the functional principle of its filesystem. The result is a transformation of physical space into a manually alterable, albeit intangible complex of words — a fragile structure based upon recursion.
31 )
Postcards : Finally Done. The Design for an set of postcards, which accompanied the Final Show of the Fine Arts Department at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam.
32 )
Like Russian Dolls, «A Final Play» : Staged Words. An audiovisual representation of the first, as the second of in total two contributions within «The Object Lag» — a collaborative art-project, curated by Emily L. Williams — at «The Nieuwe Vide» in Haarlem. As part of a play during the finissage, the image,- and text-material acquired in the and served as origin to develop a scenic character: While the daily light situation which had been documented during the «The Object Lag» was reproduced by simple scenic means, the read out text gave voice to it.
33 )
Sign Information Systems : Business Matters. A Corporate Design, including Logo, Business Papers, Product- and Project Sheets
34 )
Vakant : Wrap it up The Package Design for a kitchen tool, developed by the befriendend product designers of 'Vakant'.
35 )
Reminder : Mark your calendar. A
, announcing the 110 anniversary of László Moholy-Nagy.
36 )
Stamps : Handle with care. An adjustable
, to use a collection of different automatic stamps for numerating in a fast and accurate way.
37 )
Operative Bildlichkeit : On Signs as epistemic tools An
of german philosopher Sybille Krämer, put into the form of a book of 120 pages.
38 )
Invitation : Poster and Postcard for the gallery "Die Schlumper"
39 )
Invite : Family Affairs Poster and Postcard for an exhibition of artist Benjamin Bandtel and his father Rolf Simon Weidner
40 )
Logo : Pick a pen and draw a straight Line A commissioned logo design for a befriended Design Studio.
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